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The many faces of Kim Himchan

900419 · Kim Himchan

Happy birthday you poop ♥ I love you so so soooooo much you don’t understand. You’re such a strong person, you’re a great role model, and you can even becomea model if you wanna. You’re so hot. hdjfk;ha;dflga. You’re talented and SO GOOD LOOKING JUESDH;FKLAG. oK. SORRY.

But yeah, the whole fandom loves you, okay? At least I hope e_e BUT WHO WOULDN’T?? WHAT, WITH YOUR AMAZING AEGYO SKILLS AND DOUBLE EYELIDS. UGH I LOVE YOU.

I hope you have a great day and I know you may never get to read this, but I love you. sosoosososooosoOOOSOSOSSSOOSOS MUCH 

Have a happy birthday, lovely ♥~(‘▽^人)

Happy birthday, Channie~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥


Kim Himchan Birthday Project: Day 44: Portrait Drawing - Happy Birthday Kim Himchan!

To the one and only Kim Himchan.

Thank you for always being a model of hope, perseverance, and hard work. May you be blessed with good fortune and everything else wonderful in this world.

Happy 24th/25th Birthday!

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Happy Birthday Himchan! :D 

Happy Birthday to this talented ulzzang and loving omma of B.A.P who loves taking pics of us BABYz while doing cute aegyos and let’s not forget his love for his favourite drink ever, Americano! :3 He’s such a loving human being I just can’t help but have a soft spot for him (I do with every B.A.P members tbh LOL) 

I love how he’s an ulzzang, but he’s never ashamed to show us his true dorky self hehe~ especially when he laughs cause I seriously LOVE his laugh cause it’s like a full blast of happiness in my opinion :3 Keep on laughing and smiling our precious Channie~~^^

Never stop being the StrongChan you are, and never doubt yourself about your appearance and talent, because as I said before… BABYz love Himchan :)

Hope you guys like the drawing~^^
ItsChannieDay (I know there’s no tags for this but I just wanna create a Its____Day for him :3)

Happy Birthday to our handsome Himchan!

Our loveable Aegyo Master-Chan. Idol-site master StrongChan. DivaChan, UmmaChan, Janggu-Chan, TruckerVoice-Chan, SexyChan, DorkyChan.

Thank you for never giving up, thank you for trying so hard. Thank you for making the atmosphere in every room less tense, even at the expense of your own image. Thank you for existing, thank you for being strong. Thank you for always believing in yourself and the fans, and mostly, the BAP members. 

Whoever says you’re not talented or deserving to be in BAP just can’t see how amazing you are, but you should never ever believe in whatever they say because TS put you there for a reason. The fans love and adore you for a reason. It’s okay if you’re not perfect and it’s okay if you make mistakes. But the most important thing is that you know how much we all love you and how much BAP loves you. Always continue to smile and be yourself

I love you, Kimimchan


생일 축하해요 김힘찬~! \(◦’⌣’◦)/

Happy Birthday to B.A.P’s commander Himchan!

Kim Himchan: B.A.P’s dorky visual, the talented multi-instrumentalist, the coffee addict, StrongBabe master, fan fool, Yongguk’s best friend, Daehyun’s food buddy, Youngjae’s sass partner, Jongup’s hamburger dealer, Zelo’s caring omma, Babyz biggest fan… Himchan is a man of many sides, many talents, many faces and i love each one.. honestly, at first i was scared of him because he was too beautiful! his bone structure seems like it was sculpted by gods and his eyes so dark it was like he was sucking my soul out through the computer screen.. i couldn’t imagine a man so handsome could be real! but over time i got to know more about him like how caring he is and how much he looks after his members, how much he loves coffee and eating but is scared of getting fat again, how he is such a talented person he got scholarships for excelling in his field, how he’s insecure and sensitive even if he comes across as super confident, i could go on and on.. i learned to love the dork within the flawless exterior and each new day i find more things to love..  

Kim Himchan is a beautiful man both inside and out, he is so sexy and special XD i am so grateful he is part of B.A.P and he shares his wisdom and talent with all of us.. he loves Babyz so much and i hope we can all repay that love by continuing to support him, protect him and love him for who he is..

to my dear Kim Himchan, thank you for existing and i love you

(ノ^_^)ノ❤ 감사합니다~! 사랑해요~!

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